Cushioning bags

Product description

FARMfill® cushioning bags are paper bags filled with extra-small FARMfill® chips. The bags are produced in different lengths, widths and thicknesses as well as in an endless chain with perforations.


The bag itself is made of extra tear-resistant paper and contains a specially developed filling made of small FARMfill® packaging chips. The FARMfill® cushioning bag has side folds that prevents it from bursting under heavy pressure. The seams on the sides are particularly stable due to their cross-striking. A small perforation ensures slow and even air release under load.

Cushioning properties

The special construction of the FARMfill® cushioning bag ensures high shock absorption. In addition, the small granular size of the FARMfill® fill chips ensures that there are always enough cushioning chips between the paper layers. Another advantage of this design is the strength of the FARMfill® cushioning bag. It is nearly impossible for it to burst.


The FARMfill® cushioning bag is only resistant to moisture to a limited extent so direct contact with water should be avoided.

Suitability for export

The FARMfill® cushioning bag is filled with germ-free FARMfill® packaging chips. So the FARMfill® cushioning bag is not subject to any export restrictions (please check in individual cases).


FARMfill® cushioning bags are reusable or can be disposed of with household waste or in the compost after use. We take back FARMfill® packaging fillers within the scope of the Packaging Ordinance with free delivery. The Loick Group also offers customers the option to return delivered outer packaging (PE sacks) and cartons so they can be reintegrated in the production process.